Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Green :)

Hello Readers :)
 Just want to post alittle information bout an event thats coming really soon all over the world and for people living in Brunei but first i'll tell you what i did today.

 Had a very nice sleep last night because of the wedding dinner .^^
 Had tuition at 3.30pm till 7pm.Oh how i hate tuition on holidays.Whats even worst is that holidays will end really soon :(
 After tuition,me and my dad went to SupaSave to buy salad,some stuff to make my cheesecake ♥ and sparkling wine for tonight's dinner.
I decided to buy the ready made salad which is Ceaser Salad for me and Nicoise Salad for my dad :)
 As for my mum,i bought her a Mix Salad.
When i first saw the package of the salad,i would thought its not enough for dinner.When i came back home and replace it onto a bowl,its definitely alot!!So note to self, don't judge a book by its cover when you buy things.
The store closest really early at around 8pm because they were doing a stock check.

Added Philadelphia Cheese :)  
Was really full after eating this.I should eat it more often. ^^

 That's about it for my day.
 Next up i want to talk about is the event which is happen on the 26th March 2011,EARTH HOUR & NO PLASTIC BAG (Brunei)
 Please participate by bringing your own bag to put your groceries whenever you're out shopping :)
It will really help us to save money and increase a better living in our enviroment.
My mom and i bought 3 green bags at Giant last week,so you guys should do too!!

The whole world is participating so please shut of all power supply and electricity if you can.Do whatever you can to save energy.
Starting on 26th March,8.30pm.
Its really lovely outside without the lights.You can actually see alot of stars.I LOVE STARS!Weeee...Hahaha
 I might do some little candle display during the earth hour :)
Can't wait.

 Till here for my post.Will be posting more bout my day tomorrow ^^ Will be out with my friends,i'm going to have a shopping spree!!!Hehehehe!!Will be making a haul on what i've bought probably mostly on cosmetics such as E.L.F.I can't wait to test all their products :)
.Hope you guys enjoy reading it ^^
 Byee xo ♥.

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