Friday, March 25, 2011

Friend meet at the Mall :)

Hi readers!
So i've be out the whole day,well not really the whole day.
Went out with 2 of my friends,Jung Hsing and Weei Thien, to buy a birthday present for a friend and for Thien's mum and watch a movie.
We watched I Am Number Four which is sooo nice!I would watch it again :) Alex Pettefer is to die for seriously!! ><
After the movies,Jung had to leave early and later then Thien and I searched on what to get for her mom.
We searched high and low like literally every shop we can find that has the specific items she wanted to get for her mom.Really really tiring!Hahaha
But in the end she got what she wanted and i got a belated present for my mum which is an amethyst brodge(I don't know how to spell it) and my mum liked it :)

I bought 2 different brand of cosmetics today which are E.L.F and Revlon.
I expected to buy alot of E.L.F products but i didn't because there wasn't enough choices to choose from,so i was kind of dissapointed and it's really pricey compare to the online site.If you buy it online,it cost way cheaper.

So here are some stuff that i bought from elf :)

I seriously have no idea why this picture is the other way around.It does that everytime. ><

From top to bottom:
Mechanical eyelash curler .It's new improved ;)
Complexion Brush 
 Powder Brush

I really like the brushes because they are soo soft!!
I was really really sad that they don't sell the kabuki brush!!I really wanted that! :(

Same goes for this picture,the other way around -.-
 This is the Contouring blush & Bronzing powder

I really like this because of the blush.Surprisingly it's similar to the NARS Orgasm.
 Its shimery and i like it :)

Here are the swatches

That's kind of it on what i bought on the elf brand.

 The next thing i bought is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in number 415 - Pink in the afternoon

It's really pink but not hot pink,it's appears more lighter like a baby pink on my lips depending on what skin color you have though.But i like it :) It's the first pink lipstick and i want more!

 Next up i want to show you guys is 2 things that my sister got for me from KL when she got back today.
Even though she didn't buy me all the stuff i wanted,i appreciate it for buying me these 2 stuff cause it's really expensive!!

 First up is the Majorlica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on Mascara ( Long name.LOL )

If you saw my 'What's in my Make up bag' post,there is a mascara which is the same brand but a different type of mascara,the mascara that i got before which is now taken all the way to Perth by my sister -.- has only 1 side (the spikey thingy if you know what i mean).
This mascara has 2 sides,a wider side and a narrow side.So this is pretty good :)

 Next up is the DollyWink Cream EyeShadow in No.1 Gold

I really x100 LOVE this!! It's so shiny!!!You just have to swipe your hands once then apply onto the lid and it totally shines your lid instantly.I really thank my sister for buying this for me even though it wasn't on my list.The sales lady said that this is their best seller at Sasa

Here's the swatch
Sorry it my hands looks abit dirty,been swatching the others and didn't clean it off properly.
You can see it's really shiny,it might not be really shiny here but if you see it personally,it just glitters!
So this is a 10/10 for me ^^

When i open the packaging,there was pictures of Tsubasa and at the back of this is how you apply the shadow.She's pretty :)

 So thats it for the so called haul.
Dolly Wink liquid liner was totally sold out at Sasa in KL.Freakin' angry!!
Since my sister didn't buy much of my stuff,i'm going to buy it online :D
So i am hoping to do another haul after the order has arrive ^^

 Thanks for reading.
Byee xo ♥.


  1. Loving your haul! Heard a lot of great reviews from ELF brushes and the packaging of the dolly wink eyeshadow is supper cute ^^

  2. Hahaha thank you for the comment :)