Sunday, March 27, 2011

Etude House Haul

 Hii Readers :) Hope you all had an awesome day today because it's the end of the school term holidays.Sad isn't it?I wish it wouldn't had end that fast :(
 Anyways,i'm back with my really short hair again.Got a haircut early in the morning at the mall.
 Later then ate at Thien Thien after my haircut.

 LAKSA!! ♥.

Had a friend's party at night so Thien and I went to The Times Square at 4pm before going to KaYong's house.
I went to Etude House and bought some stuff.I'm super excited to make this haul cause i've gotten some products that i really love :)
 Let's get started...

I bought this Peach Water Gloss in no.2 which is Strawberry Milk.It coats your lips for a light,moist and smooth sensation.I absolutely love this!It doesn't feel sticky when you apply it and it's so liquidy but it stays on your lips.And it even smells like Peach or Strawberry and i can actually smell it on my lips.It's so nice :) I wanted to get the Peach Milk not really sure the name but its Peach something...The color is really nice!Unfortunately i didn't buy it,i should have -.-

I bought an eyebrow pencil in a brown shade for my mum cause she needs a new one.

  The next thing i bought is the Color Me Nude Lip Concealer.
What it does is it even outs the redness in lips,creating a smooth and neutral surface for long lasting lipstick application.This is the first time i bought this.I heard it's really good and last for hours so i'm going to try it out.

Next is the Vitamin C O2White Mask.
It brightens,clarify and detoxify skin tone.Alot of people bought this so i might give it a go and try this :)

I bought an Oblique Line Brush to apply my gel liner.
I wasn't sure if i want to buy it but i needed a new one anyways because my old one is so dry and hard already.It's really thin,thinner than my previous ones.

And then i bought the LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in #6 Golden Brown.
The colors are really nice and i love brown/gold shadows the most :)

Bought Happy Teatime Cleansing Tissue - Green Tea.
This is really good,i love using this.I had to buy another one because one of my sis brought it back to Perth.
 It moistens skin with a green tea scent of green tea extract.
I recommend this if you're going to visit Etude House :)
They gave me some free samples.
From left to right : Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam,BB Cream in SPF 30 and Total Age Repair.

Every customer will also get a 'Back To Nature' Etude House recycle bag for a minimum purchase of $20 every Saturday and Sunday.So for those who hasn't gotten one,go get it.I actually thought the bag was an average size bag but its large.

 See?It's large! :)

I've also received an Etude House Pink Membership card ^^ 
It's really cute! :D I love pink :)


At around 530pm went to Ka Yong's house for a Water Bouncer party :)
It's really fun :D Everyone had a blast.
Once,the Bouncer almost had no air and it slanted,almost reached the ground.Scary but it was find after that.Had cake after that and went home at 9pm.

 Hope you enjoy your night,birthday boy!

My nail polish got ruin by the water bouncer.
A way to end the holidays :) 
Back to School tomorrow!!DAMN,I don't want to go to school!!!
 Thats kind of it for today.

On Friday,my sis and i went to the mall to go kia kia :P 
 Beard Papa was opened and i was really anxious on trying the cream puff and ordered the Mango Frozen Yogurt.

Had crepe too :)

Went back home after that.

Had tried the mascara after i went back home just for fun :P

It actually thickens your lashes into a v shape.
Sorry if you can't really see it.My lashes are really short!
I need to buy one of those lash extension liquid from Etude House!They really work :)

 That's all for today.Hope you enjoyed my post ^^ 
Byee xo ♥.

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