Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream High has ENDED T.T

 Exams are still on till Saturday.So i won't be blogging much :)
 Dream High has unfortunately ended T.T
It ended with a touching kiss of Soo Hyun and Suzy :) AHHHH!!!
I want more of dream high!Only 16 episodes!!Hopefully they would do a part 2 ^^

 Sweetest part ever!! T.T Waited soooo long for them to kissed!!Aww :) Soo Hyun so handsome & cute >< Teeheeee

Feel like watching Dream High again!!Ahhh i'm going to watch it after exams are over :)
 If anyone want the whole episodes with english sub here it is :)

 Did a little bit of designing yesterday cause i was bored and tired of reading chemistry.

There is this magazine that my dad recieves every month which is called Prestige.I saw this girl who is from Jakarta who is getting married and she went to Paris for a fitting.The dress was soooo beautiful,seriously!!Its covered with diamonds at the bottom so its very very shiny.The girl so lucky to marry a rich man :) So i drew a dress that almost looks like hers on my black book. ( Designing book ) Hehehehe

 Did nothing much today except for Latale-ing and had tuition at 5.00pm and ate dinner and now blogging :) 
 Alright that kind of it for now.
Byee xo


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