Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cousin's Wedding Day.

Woke up at 6.30am to get ready to go to the groom's house :)
My outfit for the morning was a dress,white on top with frills and black at the bottom.Didn't really do much make up because because i was really sleepy and lazy . ><
 The care to pick up the bride :)

At around 9-10am ,went to Orchid Garden Hotel to pick up the bride.

Groom arrived at the hotel :)

Went in the room and there she is,the Bride :)

She look so pretty :)

Ready to go back to the house.

 Had reached the groom's house.
When the bride reached the house,the other cars that are following this car had to beep to let them know that she has arrived.(I think )

Starting of the tea ceremony.

My parents :
After the ceremony ended,we had lunch there and later then went back home at around 1.30pm.
 Nap for awhile so i won't feel sleepy for the dinner.

Reached Orchid Garden Hotel at 6.30pm.
Had to help my cousin at the reception table cause there wasn't enough helpers and i get to have an orchid :D
First time working at a reception table at a wedding :)

Pretty purple orchids for the ushers :)

Red roses for the bride and groom's parents :)

After 1 hr 30 mins for welcoming guest in,the newly wed had arrived.

I love her dress! :D She changed twice or thrice i think.


Sorry if some of the photos are out of focus.

After dinner,we took pictures with the newly wed.

 Their whole family.

Got back home at around 11 plus and was really tired!!

A flower to remember this day :)

 Really sorry if i didn't write much,i'm completely wore out and really sleepy to think what i should write right now.
 So i hope you readers enjoy the pictures mostly :)
 Will be updating again soon.
 Nightx ♥.

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