Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bedazzeled Nails :)

Had dinner at night for my mum's birthday at MayFang :)

 I super love this beancurd :) 

 Salted egg Prawn 

I've eaten this alot of times and this is my favorite and till now i still do not know whats the name of this vegetable >< 

Curry Fish Head!! It's super huge.

Pork :) Served with Mantaoo ( Don't know whats the name in english..Hehehe )

After dinner,we head back home for the cake cutting :)
 Sorry if its slanted.Tilt right please :D
 My bro bought this cake from Fleur D Lis and its super duper delicious.
Mango CheeseCake FTW :)


After the celebration,i had to make my nails cause the next day i had my cousin's wedding to attend.
So i go for bedazzeled nails :) It's not all glittery,just a french manicure type.

I love this :) Cause its really shiny and looks clean.

 Slept at about 12.30 - 1am to perfect my nails ><
 Next post will be the Tea ceremony and to pick up the bride in the morning which i will be posting after the dinner tonight :)
 Byee x ♥.

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