Monday, February 28, 2011

What i've been doing :)

Sorry for not blogging these past few days...i've been kinda busy lately and been out with my family alot.
 I'm suppose to post this on last Wednesday but i was lazy as usual...Hahahha :)
 So here is what i've been doing till now.


Did nothing much in the afternoon.Went with my sister to Korean Restaurant for dinner :) I super duper looovveeee this restaurant..Hheheheh ^^ I would probably eat there everyday if i have the chance.

 8 side dishes :)

Jap Jae,i think this is how you spelled it...hahah
Its glutinous noodles similar to Jang jang myun but its chewy..really chewy :) (Y)

KIMBAB!!I miss this already ><

 Last but not the least, Kimchi Soup~
 I love this...its really good !! :D 

 Thats kind of it for Wednesday's dinner :) Nothing special.Just want to post a little something.


Went for chemistry practicals on that day.Took a few picks,not a lot but a few.

This is alittle of what we have done.The last one is completely disgusting.

A mix of 5s1 and 5s2 :)

Okkayyy..that's about it for the practicals.

 Then at night,me and my family went to Seasons for dinner.The food was a so so..not really that great.Should have gone to empire instead T.T

 This was randomly taken :)

My mom had alacarte instead of buffet.
Its Pasta marinara :D

My dad ordered cheese garlic bread.
Its soo nice and cheezy :) Yummm

 Mushroom Soup (Y)

This is what i ate as the main course :)

Soto noodles :)

Had grilled beef :) It looks raw but it isnt...

Had dessert too and went back home at 10pm.


Had add-maths and bio extra class in the morning.
 My 2nd sister left for Perth on that day.Sadd~ No more nice food to eat :) Hehehehe
 Went to the airport after extra classes.
Bought Jolibee for lunch :)

Had White Chocolate that day :) 


Nothing much.Went to school.Came back and played LT :)
 Had carbonara that my sister made..Yummy~

Too had dragon fruit :) I love this fruit!! ><

I didn't do anything on Sunday except for playing the computer.
That's about it.

 Kay.Byee x :)

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