Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Family Dinner :)

Happy Chinese New Years Eve :)
Less than an hour till its Chinese New Year!!Ang paos heading my way very soon ><
 Had dinner with my family and 2 of my cousins for CNY Eve.

 My mom's sweet and sour pork :) Yummm

Steam Chicken!!!

 Sis cutting some stuff for the steamboat ^^

This was kind of random cause i saw my sister putting it up and it just looks nice so i shot it :)

So this is our CNY Eve family feast :)
There were like 8 dishes i think?
It was very filling,everyone was sooo full

The best thing about special family dinner is that we get to drink :D Yayyy!!
The grown ups get to drink wine and little kids like drink beers :)

I end up getting red at the end after drinking.I wish i've stop beiing red the next time i'm drinking.

At around 11.00 pm,we start preparing for the fireworks.
It was so awesome!!My brother tested 2 small ones but i didn't get to video tape those because i didn't have my phone with me at that time..
But i got to tape the 2 bigs ones with 36 holes in them..their really nice :)

Here is the medium sized 36 holes 

I'm sorry if i move alot because there were bits of paper falling from the sky due to the fireworks.
So i kinda put my head down and just tape it without seeing it..hahaha
 And if you hear anyone saying 'WAHH WAHH WAHH' its not me,its my sister.Hehehehe

This is a larger size of fireworks,also 36 holes.Its called Happy Boom Cakes..hahaha
This one is pretty nice and fascinating to watch :)

 I really love this one because it has more designs to show...

I'm forward to my upcoming open house because there will also be fireworks but a really big one..
Hehehe and yea..more drinking and gambling,hopefully :)

That's it for tonight,i'm kind of sleepy and my sister has to wash my face today :D YAY!Spa Time!!hahaha
 Wishing You All a very Happy Chinese New Year!
Have lots of LUCK and PROSPERITY :)

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