Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve :)

Hiii again~ 
These are some stuff i did today :
 Had school >< which is sooo boring~
Had house meeting at the last period,It was sooo boring too because there is not much girls and so few form 5's...
Came back and rest,clean for abit,nap and shower :)
 The house is kinda clean but still alot to do.
 My cousin came for a visit with her soon to be husband..hahaha
So my mom chatting with them a little bit and they went back.
 Okay,this picture is kind of random,but i just want to post this up because the effect looks cool.Hahaha
I downloaded this iphone app called Lomo and first thing when i open it,i was like ' how do i work this thing'
Then i click the button and it just keep shooting for 4 times and i just simply move the phone..Hahahaha
 Then this is what came out :)

My sister was make honey cornflakes just a few hours ago and it looks quite delicious and amazing :)
I didn't get to take picture of it but i will post it tomorrow for you guys to see kay ^^

Mom was cleaning and chopping the crabs for dinner.I still haven't eaten it yet but its already ready :) 
I'll eat it after i post this.Hehehe

 As you all can see,i have change my layout or what you called Blogskin.I have changed minor things like my pictures on the top as the title :) I simply love the new blogskin.

Well thats kinda it for today :) 
Ain't going to school tomorrow cause im LAZY!And plus i want to clean the house too. ( Maybee)

Kayy.BYE xo

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