Monday, February 28, 2011

What i've been doing :)

Sorry for not blogging these past few days...i've been kinda busy lately and been out with my family alot.
 I'm suppose to post this on last Wednesday but i was lazy as usual...Hahahha :)
 So here is what i've been doing till now.


Did nothing much in the afternoon.Went with my sister to Korean Restaurant for dinner :) I super duper looovveeee this restaurant..Hheheheh ^^ I would probably eat there everyday if i have the chance.

 8 side dishes :)

Jap Jae,i think this is how you spelled it...hahah
Its glutinous noodles similar to Jang jang myun but its chewy..really chewy :) (Y)

KIMBAB!!I miss this already ><

 Last but not the least, Kimchi Soup~
 I love this...its really good !! :D 

 Thats kind of it for Wednesday's dinner :) Nothing special.Just want to post a little something.


Went for chemistry practicals on that day.Took a few picks,not a lot but a few.

This is alittle of what we have done.The last one is completely disgusting.

A mix of 5s1 and 5s2 :)

Okkayyy..that's about it for the practicals.

 Then at night,me and my family went to Seasons for dinner.The food was a so so..not really that great.Should have gone to empire instead T.T

 This was randomly taken :)

My mom had alacarte instead of buffet.
Its Pasta marinara :D

My dad ordered cheese garlic bread.
Its soo nice and cheezy :) Yummm

 Mushroom Soup (Y)

This is what i ate as the main course :)

Soto noodles :)

Had grilled beef :) It looks raw but it isnt...

Had dessert too and went back home at 10pm.


Had add-maths and bio extra class in the morning.
 My 2nd sister left for Perth on that day.Sadd~ No more nice food to eat :) Hehehehe
 Went to the airport after extra classes.
Bought Jolibee for lunch :)

Had White Chocolate that day :) 


Nothing much.Went to school.Came back and played LT :)
 Had carbonara that my sister made..Yummy~

Too had dragon fruit :) I love this fruit!! ><

I didn't do anything on Sunday except for playing the computer.
That's about it.

 Kay.Byee x :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Excapade & Dim Sum!!! ♥.

So yesterday me and my family went to eat SUSHI!!
I love love loveeee eating sushi :) Hehehe
My dad had a $50 voucher from excapade so we went and ate till our stomach bloat!
I will never ever get sick of excapade :) Sometimes my family say eat until sien liao..but not me ^^ Teee heeee

These are some of the food that we ate yesterday :)

Salmon ♥. It was really fresh yesterday :)

 Spider roll!! My family loves this after one of my sister introduce this :)


 Woke up at 9.00am by my alarm clock :) I will for sure wake up whenever i hear Dream High :)
Sisters,mom and i went for dim sum in the morning at Lucky :)

It's been a long time since i've came to Lucky Restaurant.Lots of people when we got there.
After that,me and my sis went to the mall to see some stuff while my older sister went to Yayasan with my mum.
 Came back home with Each A Cup :)
 So thats pretty much it for my post :) 
 Have to study hard for upcoming assestment.Just that i'm lazy >< 
 Kayy.Byee! x ♥.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its over! :(

Hii everyone ^^

Today is the 18th which means.....CNY is over!! Sadd T.T no more ang paos, no more visits and no more gambling!
I hope you all had an awesome and memorable Chap Goh Mei dinner with you families yesterday and watched lots and lots of fireworks~ Cause i did :) (well the dinner part i guess,the fireworks is a so so for me >< )
Sooo..lets head back to the first day of CNY shall we? Cause i'm soo busy and didn't post any of what i did back then...

 1st Day of CNY
Woke up at around 8am?Feeling excited for CNY :D 
Said HCNY to my family and got my first angpao of the year from my parents :D YAYY!!Hehehe
Had my all time favourite CHICKEN SOUP that my mom made :)

  Yumm :)

 Did nothing much in the afternoon i guess...i think i was helping my sister making the small popia thingy (If you know what i mean) 
 Mom's friends came to visit and helped around at 7.30pm i think?
 After they went back home,we all went to my mom's sister's house for a visit to see their new home..

This is what i wore to my mom's sister's house.I know its kind of plain but its just a pre-visit :)
 The house was really spacey and nice inside.Simply love it ><

 Here is a part of the house.There is still lots of room at the right side.It has like 2 living rooms and 1 place to play video games which is the 2nd tv you see infront of you >< I wish i have this in my house too :)
 Sorry if its blur abit and there is only one picture of the house because i was lazy and its like oredi 10 plus at that time..

I went back home at around 11 plus...and just straight away took off contacts,brush and went to bed :) 

Not much for the first yeaa..hahah
Move on to 2nd day

 2nd Day

Same routine in the morning.
Mom's friends from the hospital visited.
Later then,mom's brother and his family came for a visit.I was there to greet them for a few minutes and then i had to go out with my sister to buy some stuff for that night because her friends are coming over.
 Came home,ate ramyun noodles that i bought from Hua Ho...

Doesn't it look hot and spicy? YES its very!!!Hahahhaa

 Here is some of the food that was given for the visitors to eat the whole day. 

3rd Day
Brother's friends came for a visit and my aunt came too....
 Talk and talk and talk for the whole afternoon.
Everyone gathered at the kitchen and my sis made four color rolls :D

Bought them from Hua Ho and fried it :D Its soo good.

Later at night,my family and i went to my cousin's husband's house which is like oredi her house lah...hahaa
for their open house.

This is what i wore on that day :)

Wore a peachy pink which black frills ( i'm not sure if thats how you spell it) at the bottom with a long sleeve vest which have puffs on the shoulders.I got both of these from Daseo at the very last minute.I used a black shorts for the bottom.And also a necklace from Diva :D

When we got there,the first thing i said was WUAHH!!hahahaha...The house was seriously huge!and soo nice!I wish i had that kind of house..
Went there and see some familiar faces from my school.
After eating,the lion dance was on and there were firecrackers.It was soo smokey that my fam and i decided to go inside her house which is oposite the other building which is for like party and stuff...
And it was so beautiful >< There was also a bar which had so many wines and alcohols!My gosh!!i want that!

Here are some pictures of the house and the lion :D

This is the main house i think.

 Some random guy with lion pants..LOL

 The lions went inside their house for good luck and stuff.

 This is the other side of the main house.It was so pack over there.Took this at the main house :)

One of the lion getting ready for the mini show :)

Here is a video
Sorry if i was shaking alot when i took the video.I was not looking at the camera..LOL 
 Went back home after 11 plus and preparing to go to bed. :)

 4th Day

When to my mom's brother's house for CNY. Then realised my friends house was just right at the end of their house..Hahahhaa

 5th Day
 School!!Gosh,i hate school ><
 The next day,we had sports tryouts and i went...after that me and my friends went to Timesquare to had Coffeebean.

 Mines the biggest :D Tee hee

Went back home at 4.30pm.
 And blah blah blah~

 I forgot what day it was when i visit my mom's sister's house for open house.
Had yeesang that day :) 

I wore...
 A beige dress.It looks like a shirt because i lift it up so its shows my pants too :) 
 With the same jacket i wore before and black shorts. Wore a cute bear with a pearl ribbon necklace. 

The only thing i took at their house was this..

 YEE SANGG!!hahahha

 Friday - OPEN HOUSE

 Prepared lots of things for the open house and lots of cleaning at that time.
Wore a tiny checker shape dress ( Red & black ) with leggings and a jacket.
Friends and family came and ate downstairs.
After eating,went up to the family room to do some stuff

Tee hee.Jung and Nick playing~RE4!

Them having fun in a game of twister :)

Johannes holding a marinda drink?

 If your wondering what happened?The above picture will solve it ^^ LOL


I didn;t took alot of pictures because my phone wasn't with me at all times.
I had to like run up and down to help -.-

End of the open house for now.
 Next up...Juan's house :)



 Came to Juan's house at around 12pm ... And sooner 1 by 1 arrived.
 Gambled at her house and ate pizza and KFC.
I soo love this plant at Juan's house!!Its so colorful :)


They played twister at her house too.

 Tee Hee :)

 Later then went to Li jie's house for open house and gamble somemore :D
 Gain 20 dollars from gambling that day ^^ Weeeee

This is the outside of her house,its even bigger than what you see in this bigger :)
 The swimming pool and the building behind that is the gym and a badminton court!!
Really big house for sure! :)
Later then,my dad picked me up at 6.15pm and went back home to pick the rest of the family to his friend's house.The house was like at Kota Batu which is soo soo far!!
When we got there,the house was huge.The inside is soo grand and huge and there were lots of food!!Lots of pehins and datos when we got there.Hahahhaa

 So this is the house from outside.Sorry if its kinda blur because i took this inside my car so its kinda wobbly ^^
Their big gigantic garden.Took this from the upstairs..Its really high from up there.

That's kinda it for the whole CNY.I think i've done more than what i've said here...
Took time writing this since 12pm and kinda tired.Going to go shopping with my mom and sister :) Hehehehe
 Byee xo.