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What's in my Make Up bag?

Hii Again :)
 So today/tonight,i'm going to do a 'What's in my make up bag?' post.And i've said i'm going to do one on my last few posts and i'm going to do it right now :D
Firstly,why do i want to do this?Because i'm into make up or facial products and i would like to share with you readers on what i've got,plus it's my first time trying this sort of stuff and i would love to do this :)
This is my first time doing it so please do correct me if i'm wrong.

So here goes.....
These are my concealers that i've bought since last year.Except for the last one,i took this from my sister :P
The first one is the Banana Concealer Stick which i got from SkinFood.I got to know about this concealer from my friend and i've tried hers on and it covers pretty well on me but the only thing i'm not happy about is the amount they give on this concealer.When i bought this i expect it would be almost the same length as the packaging but it isn't.This cost about $10 but i don't think i'm going to buy it the 2nd time because of the amount they put in this concealer but it is a good coverage so its kind of a 50/50 for me :)

 The second one is the Maybelline AngelFit Perfect concealer in 01 Light Beige.I bought this from Guardian but you can get it in anywhere drug stores you can find.Its in liquid / cream form and i love this because it gives a very good coverage on my eyes and it is light and not very sticky.It does not make your face feel heavy wearing this on.I got to know this concealer from one of the make up gurus on youtube,BubzBeauty, and she recommended this on one of her videos.I don't really have much bad comments on this one because i just don't mind any make up on me.No matter how bad or good it is,i don't notice much unless it is really not good.Hahahaha.I bought this for about $10 and its kinda okay price for me.

The third one is the Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick in 02 from BodyShop.I actually didn't have those 2 previous concealers back then so i used my sister's concealer for my pimples and its an okay for me.It is a good coverage but i think its kinda dark for me.Hahaha..if its in another color tone then i would use it everyday but i guess my sister is kinda dark?i don't know why she bought this tone though,she looks kinda fair to me.

So here are the swatches for these concealers 

 Notice the last one is a darker than the other 2?Hahaha yea,its the BodyShop Concealer :P

Next is my Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder in 30 Naturel - Translucent 2 (I thinks thats the color tone name if i'm not mistaken.Hehehe)
I got this from Singapore when i was on a holiday trip with my friends and it cost $70 if i'm not wrong.
I really like this because you don't have to put alot of this on your face to make a good coverage and its light and not heavy on your face.I would rate this 9/10. :)
 I too have a Kate Powder pack too but i didn't took a picture of it because its broken :( I dropped it by accident.

Third product in my bag is this Skin79 BB Cream in SPF25 that i got from Paloma in the Mall.It cost around $25 - 30?I'm not really sure bout the price.Its kinda okay for me,not really a good coverage on my face because its too light and it doesn't even look like you have it on your face.But for other people,it might be good for them but not me.Nothing much i have to say bout this BB cream,i am hoping to try out other BB cream that i can find other than this one.
Next thing is the Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel from BodyShop.I got this as a present from my friend on my birthday.Its pretty good,i think it takes away the dark circles on the eyes and i've used this everyday before and it decreases the dark circles.I'm not using it currently because i'm on hiatus on my products even my make up because of my pimples and working on my face by washing it everyday :) Saved by Melilea cleansing products :D

Next is my Marjolica Marjorca mascara  and the liquid liner.
The mascara is really good to use because its not a brush type,its like a plastic type of mascara and it is easier to apply it on the eyelash because it is stiff and does not move around very much when you apply it.
Its a 10/10 for me because it works well on me :)
 But for the liquide liner,i now realise its not that good because its not smudge proof and it doesn't stay long.If you apply it on your eye it will actually tend to smudge and for me i have oily eyes so if i use this for a long time it would go off completely and i have to apply it again when its gone.So its not really good for me to use but the brush on this liner is really good.It is not too flexible when you apply it.
I bought these in Malaysia & Singapore but in Brunei there isn't any brand name like this in the drugstores. Sad~
So here are the swatches for the mascara and the liner.
 If you look at the mascara,you could actually guess its the plastic type of stick and not the brush types.

 Sorry if its on the other way.

This is the Bobbi Brown gel liner.Its not mine,its my sisters but hoping its going to be mine when she leaves Brunei :P hehehe
I sooo love this gel liner because it does not smudge and its water proof i think.0.o
And when you apply it,it have find glitter on the gel rather than just plain black.
My sis got this from Austrailia i think.This is really good :D I can't explain how good this is but its just good for me.Hahaha

Here is how it looks like.


EYELASHES!!Hahaha.Surprisingly,i don't use eyelashes,i just saw this and just want to own one.Hahaha.I've tried it before but never use it out before.Maybe one day :)

Lancome Magie Blush.Its a mousse blush.Its not mine sadly,its my sister's.
But i took this without her knowing so hopefully she doesn't realise she lost it. :D
 This is really nice and pink when you put it on your cheeks.I love this because it looks sweet,hahaha...
 I don't know how much this is but i don't think its expensive,reasonable price i guess.hahaha..
Color Song Eye Shadow 02




 I got this from my aunt for my birthday present for $20
  No review on this one because i don't really what to say bout these but it has really nice colors? Hahaha 
I'm tired of writing the reviews right now..Hhehe

Kate Deep Eyes Eyeshadow


Bought this in KK.
 Face & It Designing eyeshadow 01 from Faceshop
 I love the purple especially if its a wet mixture

Swatch:Top Dry,Bottom Wet

Fasio 3D Perfect Eyes D-12 & D-14

 Swatches in Wet & Dry 

St.Ella Eyeshadow Pink
 Not mine,Sister's :) I love this color tones ><
Sorry if its too light.

St.Ella Eyeshadow,Purple

Sorry again if its too light.

 Last but not least...

Etude House Eyeshadow in white,dark green,dark brown and black :)

Its like a jungle tone :) hehehe

 So thats it on this post :) Sorry if i didn't do the reviews for the last few make ups.Its kinda tiring because i did this for more than an hour >< 
 I hope you like this post and hoping to do more in the future.Please feel free to comment if anything :) Thanks!!
 Byee x



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