Sunday, January 2, 2011

Western Night

Hii again!!
 So,i was really tired yesterday so i didn't get to blog.
 Okay,so i had dinner at home with my family and its western food :D My sister was so good and she cooked for us :)

This is the cooked ones :) Yumm

The uncook ones..

Had sparkling wine for the night :) It taste really sweet and good 
And this is what we ate :) 
It had lambchop,some vegetables,mash potatoes and the really delicious carbonara :D
Its my first time eating carbonara :)

 Few days ago,my sis made fried dumplings but i didn't post it,so here it is :D

 It taste good and it has like the soup dripping out when you bite it in ^^ Yummy!!

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

SCHOOL IS BACK!!First day of school is horrifying already but its okay i guess.Came like around 7am and like there only back seats for me to sit in >< Tomorrow is another day of school,hopefully it won't be like today :) Hehehhee
Till here.Byeee x


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