Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Sims and IU :D ♥.

Sorry for 5 days of not blogging :) 
Been very tired,practically been sleeping after going home from school Tee hee!!Hahahah
 Nothing much to blog,didn't get to go out and buy stuff :(

School is okay i guess,Bio,chem and phy practs are almost coming!!>< Going to be a stressfull and tired day by then.
 This morning me and my friend was talking bout the sims,i wasn't really interested on it but as we kept talking and talking i kinda miss it T.T
 The Sims is the most popular simulation,virtual pc game in the world.It started from The Sims 1 which is the original at around the year 2000? i think.Damn when i started playing the first one i was damn addicted to it.Me and my sis would fight for the cd on who gets to play :D Funn times!I was like 8 or 9 when i started playing or maybe even earlier.It has expansion packs too.Its so fun :) for me i guess....Hahaha 
But now i have like almost everything.:) Sims 3 is the lastest and i just need 2 more expansion than i'll be having all of it! If there is any other pc game that i would suggest,it would be the sims.At least you have experience on interior design right? Hahaha ( I'm interested in designing,so yea :) )

 So right now,currently,i'm trying to find a download for the sims old versison on google,found 1 but when i was halfway playing,it stopped working!!All my hard work! >=( 
 But its okay,hahaha
 Been listening to alot of new korean songs these days after watching Music Bank which is on KBS every Friday Live :D 
There's this song which is really love,Its called Good Day by IU.She won music bank twice on that song :D Yayyy!!Her voice is really great,looking foward for new songs in the future :)
This is the one :) She's soo cute and pretty :)

 Alright,i'm going to stop from here.Byeee xo ♥.

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