Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My January's Music Faves :)

I didn't get to blog these few days cause of the tuitioning and the tiredness after school and Sims and all those lazy stuff a person would do...hahahhaa..and plus i don't have any exciting to talk about these few days not like my last month's posts.Hehehe...So here is a quick blog which is my January's Music Faves :) Well till the 12th i guess and so on..might go for a new song next week :o

#1 처음 사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (반말송) - 정용화(CNBLUE)  ♥..
#2 좋은 날 (Good Day) - 아이유 (IU) 
#3 왜 이러니 (Why are you being like this) - 티아라 (T-ara) 
#4 Someday - 아이유 (IU) (From a korean drama ' Dream High ' (Really good movie :))
#5 드림하이 - 옥택연, 장우영, 수지(Suzy)
#6 All Day - ZE:A
#7 니까짓게 (How dare you) - Sistar 
#8 전활 받지 않는 너에게 ( You wouldn't answer my calls) - 2AM
#9 Beautiful - 비스트(Beast) ♥.
#10 숨 - 비스트(Beast) 

#1 Grenade - Bruno Mars
#2 Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber 
#3 Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
#4 Peppermint Winter - Owl City
#5 Mine - Taylor Swift
#6 Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls
#7 Like A G6 - Far East Movement
#8 So Sick - Neyo

Sorry for the old songs,i don't really listen to english songs often ><

And as for chinese,i don't listen to them either...hehehe..So yeaa thats it i guess

Long week ahead,tomorrow got tuition T.T .PE tomorrow in school,going to have torture again with Ms.Mary ( Our PE teacher ).Get ready for 5 rounds of running and leg cramping.Hopefully no river running whatever she calls it which you have to run backwards -.- Crazyyy~ Hehehehe
 K,byeee xo

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