Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me love Marinara!!Weee

25th January

Me and my sis went to Pastamania for dinner :)
Had Marinara  ♥ . Its simply delicious. ><

Sister had Salmon Pasta (Its salmon something but i forgot what it's called)
The presentation doesn't really look good but it taste really nice.
Its abit sticky though.

Then went to Lof Bakery to get so buy 1 free 1 buns and breads.

 These are so cute :)

 Later,we had Bubble Tea at each a cup :D

Mango Milk Tea with green apple jelly and mini pearls :D
First time,Brunei ever had mini pearls and what's great about the drink is that it has abit of mango bits in them :) And the pearls are chewy!!!Ahhhhh...hahaha ^^

 Had tuition in the afternoon and went to Excapade at The Time Square with my mom and sister :) 
Had to go back home first to pick up my mom and changed my clothes.While heading out of the door.Look who was at the front door ^^

Its my doggy,Yoshi.Hehehehe..Named after mario's dragon.Hahahaa

And my other dog too :)
Looks sad!Hahaha

Went back home
Drank Yakult,was thinking of doing a yogurt mask.Lazy,so i won't do it.
Got lots of things to clean up tomorrow because its almost CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
Weee ...ANGPAOS!! ♥ 

 Currently both my sisters are making cookies which is now 11.30 pm!! Crraaazzzyyy~
I'm lazy ><

 End of blog for today :) Byeee xo  ♥ .

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