Friday, January 21, 2011


Sorry for late blogging again~
Its 11.48pm right now,and i feel like blogging for a little :)
 Did nothing much today,had Add.Maths extra class today at 8am.I finally understand trigonometry :D Yayy!hahahah.So we had a little break in the middle and played my iphone alittle too.
Went back home after that and slept and play and eat.
Went out to Manggis Hua Ho to buy some stuff.
So yea,nothing special today.

 Recently i've been watching this korean drama called Dream High and JungleFish 2.
Dream High just released not long ago and the drama is so freakin AWESOME!! :) Hehehe cause it has lots of my favorite singers there :D

So this is the plot for Dream High:
Dream High" takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars.
Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art. There he discovers his genius like musical talent.
Jin-Gook (TaecYeon) is a gifted dancer, but a troubled student at school. The director of Kirin High School of Art ((Bae Yong-Jun)) recommends to Jin-Gook to enroll at his school. There, Jin-Gook's talents blossom and he now dreams of becoming a global star.
Exchange student Jason (Wooyoung) comes to Kirin High after receiving the top score for new applicants. He comes from abroad and shows outstanding skills as a dancer.
Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) is the most popular girl at Kirin High. She carries herself as a confident girl, but inside hides a sad past. She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art. She is loved by Song Sam-Dong and Jin-Gook.
Yoon Becky (Eun Jung) looks up to Ko Hye-Mi, who appears to have everything. They soon become rivals.
Eria (Yoon Young-Ah) is a popular teen star. She enters Kirin High School of Art and becomes the object of admiration by her peers. She looks forward to having a "regular" school life.

 And what i heard is that the couples for Dream High is 
IU - Woo Young
 Suzy - Soo Hyun
Eun Jung - TaecYeon

 I don't really like Eun Jung together with TaecYeon after i've watched episode 5 or 6 i think.Cause
 she is mean!!!Hahaha...

This guy places as Sam Dong ( Kim Soo Hyun) I totally love this guy man!! >< He is just so cute and dumb in that movie hahha and he loves Hye Mi ( Suzy ) They are just cute together.Hehehe

TaecYeon who plays as Jin Guk :)
 Dream High is a for sure must watch for people who loves Korean Dramas :) 
Hoping to see more episodes next week :D

The next show i'm currently watching in my free time is Jungle Fish 2.

I didn't get to watch the first drama because i didn't know about then.But i think the 2nd one is a different story line from the first one.
  Its about a drama about school life that sheds light on the serious issue of cheating and falsifying grades, as well as the stress of entrance exams at ruthlessly competitive South Korean high schools.
 So far it is interesting for me to watch it cause of all the happenings like murder and bullying it has in it.
So this movie is also a should watch.

 That's kinda it for today.More blogging tommorow i hope :) Byee x

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