Friday, January 14, 2011

Consumer Fair :D

So right now,my post are like jumbled up,well this one i guess..hehehe...This was on like Sunday i  think.5 days ago,wow >< should have blog this one first.
So yeaa,i went to the consumer fair at night with my family to check out some stuff for the house.On the holidays i bought a revlon nude lipstick which you can see here
And i used that lipstick for the night and it looks good..hahaha.The textures really nice.Its a little bit creamy,well its creamy but i don't mind using it.Some people doesn't like creamy substance but i can go for anything ^^

Here's how it looks like on me.Its kinda nice nude with a pink tone on it.What i did was i put the nude lipstick as the base and abit of my bodyshop lipstick,kinda like a peach natural color on the top.
And yea,don't mind the bag strap,i took this when i had it on but i didn't use the bag..i changed it -__- 
I didn't get to do a swatch on this because i'm busy(Sleeping,school and eating) Hhahaha ^^v 
So i might do a swatch on my make ups,or whats in my make up bag soon maybe this week or next week.So i'm hoping for it :D

So yeaa,when i almost got to the ICC,it was full of cars so my dad had to park at the bottom parking place and had to walk all the way up to ICC.Its soo far from my parking spot to the ICC but at least it was windy :D 
When we got upstairs,it was crowded.Full of shops and one thing that caught my eye was the Japanese foodstuff and the Konojyo products :D I didn't took a picture of it so i won't be showing you what i bought. Later for 2 hours or so,we head to the house stuff and went back home without eating anything.Parents does not want to go out cause its 9pm >< So my sister just cook for me :) 

One iphone/ipod game that i'm addicted right now is MEGAJUMP~ 

 The charaters are so CUTE!! ><
This game is like doodle jump?well kind of,but you have to catch the coins in order for you to go up :) 

 Well thats it for right now,swatch coming up.Byee xo ♥.

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