Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold & Rainy Monday ♥.

It's been raining almost the whole day today.
When there's rain in Brunei it will be cold :) 
I love the cold weather when its raining here,Makes you want to sleep >< Hahaha

:)  I just love this picture of this heavy pouring.

Well i didn't do much today except for sleeping in the afternoon.
At night i went with my brother to buy fireworks at Hua Ho Manggis.
It's soo expensive >< But what the hay right?Its for CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
Bought new dresses for CNY :) Still searching for more !! I need shoes!!hehehe

Had pizza for dinner and right now i'm really tired.Backache from sitting on the floor for hours!*Sigh*
Right now my whole family is still awake and its already 11.30pm!!My sister is baking again,at this time -.-
Can't wait to see what it looks like though...
I'm craving for yogurt right now.Don't know why but i love YOGURT!!AHHHHHHH ( Rayman!! :) )

 Alright,that's the end of my short blogging for tonight :)

Tomorrow's another day.
Byee x ♥.

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