Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy Sunday!!

Hello Hello!!
Just a little post to update my blog :)
 Woke up,brushed my teeth and straight away turn on lappy :) Hehehe A way to start up my morning Sunday huh... Hahaha
Since Chinese New Year is coming,my family had to clean up the house.But i guess i didn't clean up much because i was playing on my lappy >< Haizzz...
 Around 1 or 2pm i think,my dad was shoo-ing ( is that even a word?) something out of the house,so i came out to see what's going on and i saw one of my dogs which i hate very much because it always got into fights with my other two dogs, ran up to my house -.-  I was soo mad,well not really mad la..hahaha cause my dad took the dog out of the cage which i put it in in the first place which took me so long to put in...Lol yea...
So i took a rope and tie onto its collar,unfortunately it was raining heavily and i had to wait with the dog for about 1 HOUR outside of the house so i can put it back to the cage while my dad paint the house...
 It was miserable just sitting out there looking at the rain while i could be in my room doing something more useful....hahaha
 I finally got to put it inside the cage when the rain stopped but at that time i wasn't wearing shoes and i stepped on a torn like the huge ones...its a good thing i didn't step all the way if not i would hurt sooo bad ><

 I also found this poor butterfly out in the rain,it was trying to fly but then the rain drops broke it's wings!!Stupid rain!!

Poor thing,but isn't it pretty? :) Hehehehe

It placed it on my mom's orchid but it keeps flying to the window so my mom let it out :(
 Hope its okay cause i saw another one which looks like this one and i bet its the mate :)

 Soo yea..thats all for my Sunday Afternoon.

 Got to do a little vaining at night >< Hehehehe,you didn't know i was a vainer right?yes i am,Sadly ><
I'm left alone at home tonight with my dad and my bro...
 Did a make up experiment on my eyes with black and purple eyeshadows and the revlon nude lipstick i bought 1 month ago...
This look is like an edgy night look.I tried doing a Park Ji Yeon inspired look which is the sharp edge at the end of the eyes.

Ahh!!!First time taking a picture with my hair up >< I never put my hair up in public cause i think it feels weird.But this picture looks nice.None of my friends or family can see this anywhere except in my blog :) Hehehe iLOVEit ♥.


Sorry for the blurness >< I tried to make it more clear but it just didn't work.Hahaha..
I like this because my eyes has the sharp edge and it makes my eyes longer with this makeup on which doesn't make my eyes look oval at the end.


If you can't really see the color on my eyes,i'm really sorry.Since i'm a monolid it just covers up the whole thing on the front but i tried putting more at the end so it looks more straight at the end >< Okay,i hope you guys understand what i'm saying!Hahaha
Thats kinda it for today ^^ 
Hope you enjoy reading this! Hehehehe
Will be posting more soon.

BYEE x ♥.

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