Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Alive!

Hey hey!!
It's been a long time since i visited my blog.Well..i do visit often but never wanting to write a post because of...whatelse could it be?LAZY lor!!
Just wanting to write and say that no,i'm not quitting blogging neither i am going to write a post everyday from now on....Lol~

Got back from my holiday trip to Hong Kong and Haikou,China to visit my relatives.
The place is really lovely in Hainan.Visited alot of interesting and fun places during my stay.The place where my grandfather lived is at Wen Chang which is used to be a county area back in the old days but has now turned up to be a city.Well my grandfather's houses are still the houses 500 years ago.You can imagine how old it looks in real life right?

My relative told us alot of stories and how my mum's family lived and how they end up buying a land and even a temple in Wen Chang 500 years ago.
To be honest,i wish i could live there and be a part of what my grandfather was in Wen Chang.
Everybody helped each other no matter what.Its really nice to see my relatives working together and helping out to prepare for lunch and dinner.Not to mention the weather there is really cold.

Its nice to see my mother's side of the family and am hoping to visit them again soon.
People in Wen Chang speak Hainan of course and also Putonghua (Mandarin).They don't speak hokkien unfortunately :(
But i gain abit of mandarin when i was in China.Surprise to say,that i too speak mandarin when i was there just to communicate with my relatives.Hahaha....which also makes me even more interested in learning mandarin.....

It's sad to leave China on the last day of my trip.It's such a home feel when i was there.

Well...that's the end of my story.No pictures unfortunately because i don't want to share this kind of like family related stuff here.As you can say,personal reasons.Sorry (:

Hope to write again soon...BYE :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Duper Tired!

Heyy :D I'm back with another post and its currently 12.05am right now!
No idea why but i seem to be better of writing post at this hour.
Anyways,wanted to post something random...well not that random...on my blog to update things up alittle despite my exams are still on.
Add-maths are coming up in 5 days time and am really scared how the papers will be since i did the freakin Maths 2 paper and it was unexpectedly hard.June paper is much more easier than this.
We're human not robots like calculators.Gosh!Give us something easy for once....
Anyways...again...hahaha just rambling out words out of my mind to my hands and typing on the keyboard.....
As some of you guys might know,i play MapleStory SEA....
And had decided to make MapleStory Series from the stories i made...Well it didn't start with me,my friend did a trailer and i was into it suddenly and wrote a story and yes...a trailer pop out!
I've finally posted up the trailer and for few days i've been thinking of a good name for my series.
It is really hard to think of a name just like that.Thanks to my 2 friends that help me out in the names and more ideas for the series :D
And i thought of a production name for these mapleseries which is DreamGates Production :)
So here is the trailer that i've posted on youtube :)

Do support by watching :) Trust me,it won't take long....

P.S Gotten 3k views on my blog.Just wanna say thanks for viewing.It might not be alot but its something to me :)

Night xo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

24th October 2011

Hey hey
Its yet another post by me :)
I'm still on hiatus but just wanted to post up alittle something.
I officially turned 17 on 24th October :) I feel so old right now...hahaha
Had a POA exam that day and it was horrible!!!Nahh...just kidding it was okay but still horrible in my point of view.
Went to Fratinis with my family that night and it was good :D

Outfit of the night

My favourite,Lasagna :)

I totally forgot what this Ravioli is called but its now my 2nd fave :D Love this.

Seafood Marinara

Super huge pizza for the night.

After dinner,we headed to Hua Ho for some grocery shopping and then headed home to cut my cake :)

Fruit cake from Bakerlyn.

Had an awesome night and birthday that day.Eventhough i can't be able to celebrate with my friends at my house due to o'levels,it still a great day for me :)

The next day my friends surprises me with a birthday cake.I didn't even notice they were at the bench and my friend,Shan went infront of my car and stopped my aunt and gave it to her.
And they even sneeked in a card in my bag when i was not there. :)

Just wanted to say Thank you again to Shan,Juan and Thien for this cake.Appreciate it and will be giving thanks and treating you guys to a meal so DON'T FORGET!(if you want free food that is ;) )

End of my post.Its around 1.10am and i am still not sleepy?! 
Nights xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sorry for the long time no post and this time its since AUGUST 31 till now i haven't been able to post up anything on my blog.Was getting ready for the GCE O'Levels and yes it is finally here.First paper was on the 11th October starting with English Paper 1 and tomorrow it's Malay Paper 2!!Had Chemistry and English paper 2 in the afternoon today and chemistry is so crappy!!!But hopefully can get pass lo...Exam ends on 18th November then i'll get to post up more stuff by then :) 
Till now! Good byee ~

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Precious

Hello lovelies.
Sorry for not updating awhile.Honestly,i've been really lazy to blog and been caught up with The Glee Project,twitter,youtube..etc.
Just posting up another one right now because i've got nothing else to do i guess..hahaha...

As the title says my precious.Wondering what i mean by that?
After seeing the finale of the glee project,it inspired me,not on singing of course.I can't sing to be honest..hahahhaa...
Been listening to songs not really common to most of you all,like country,indie and classical.
Whenever i hear the songs i like/love,i'll just grab my guitar and just play along.It makes me calm and happy :)
Thats what my precious is,my guitar.

Still have my first guitar from my dad when i young,about 11 or 12.Still working good until i broke it's strings a few years ago.Didn't know how to to play it back then until this year i've auditioned for the talent show with my friends.One of my friend taught me how,gotten really interested after the audition was over.So i kept practising and memorising chords and even learn how to pluck at home,no lessons or whatsoever.

I'm not a professional of course,at least i've learn the basics for me to play lots and lots of songs.
The point is don't ever give up on the things you left behind or quit just because you're lazy or its too hard,cause you will never know what good things may happen.
I could be even better if i took lessons or even have the will to learn by myself when i was younger but i was lazy.See what lazy can do to people? 

Dream big :) Nothing could ever stop you from doing what you want.

Just another short story to tell y'all since i've got nothing else to post.Hope you guys like it :)

Thats all for my post,don't forget to follow my blog and twitter :)
Watch Glee people!!Really inspiring and will even teach you a lesson in a thing or two.
Nights xo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette & NYX Jumbo Eyepencils

Hey hey hey  ^^
Wanted to post up this to tell you guys what i've got as soon as i got the items :)
Super excited and finally it arrives :D 
Ordered the Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette and NYX Jumbo Eyepencils a week ago and was surprise to get it in a week later :) Super fast shipping from Frosty-zee Online Shop on facebook.
Those who are craving for these should add her!!(Only for Bruneians).

Anyways,got the package from FedEx an hour ago and wanted to straight away take pictures and post it up for you guys to see ^^
For better quality please click on image :) Enjoy

Was so relieved that it was a real Coastal Scents and not the ones you get on ebay.
I prefer the original cause of its matte casing.Really nice :)

Voila!Ain't it colorful? ^^
There are 88 shades and they are really pigmented and the colors are really vibrant.
There is even a red eyeshadow which i can't really find any shadows that are a true red.
I like the way it organizes itself,like how they go from the highlighter to the darker shades.
There are also alot of different colors to choose from which is really good for beginners :D
Now i don't have to waste so much money on single palettes and just use these :)
The size of these are slighty smaller than B$ 5 cents but slightly bigger than B$ 1 cent coin.

Here is a closer look on the colours.

This palette also has a mirror which i didn't took a pictures.It is really convenient because you can travel with it without bringing another mirror with you.What this palette also has is 2 sponge applicators which is absolutely horrible!!Hahahha.They are low quality applicators but it doesn't really bother me cause i use a brush instead.

I've also got a free mini kabuki brush and its so cute and small :D
My first kabuki,hehehe.One thing i don't like about this is that it is really really rough!Seriously,i don't even dare to use it on my face because of the texture of this brush.
I'll just display this on my drawer since its cute :)

Wanted these eyepencils for a long time now after i've seen good review on this.
From top to bottom : 
French fries,Strawberry Milk,Milk
I was suppose to get electric blue and cottage cheese instead but they run out of stock :(

They're really creamy good for blending but also i've heard that they crease ALOT!
I haven't tried on these yet but hopefully it wont crease on mine T.T

They are shimmery except the middle one which is Milk.
Really like the colors :)

Well thats it for my haul post.Thanks again to the seller :) Appreciate it.
Till next time lovelies.
Byee xo

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mini mini haul

Heyhey dimsums~
Here again to post a 'mini mini haul' and what i meant by mini is that there are only 2 items that i want to show to you guys :)
Also just to update my blog and hopefully not bored you guys.

Went to the mall this afternoon for lunch and movie with my friend.
The movie that we watched was ZooKeeper.
This movie is definitely a must watch.
Its hilarious and romantic at the same time :D

After the movie,we just take a stroll and window shopped around the mall.
Bought me a pair of shoes at 8th avenue :D

Its the shoes i wanted for days now since i saw it last 2 weeks :)
Been passing by the shop but didn't even want to try it on until this afternoon.
Its a nice dark beige/light brown colored gladiator shoes.Its around 2 - 2.5 inch.Love it :)
Glad i bought it,this cost $24.90.

As you can see,most shoes i bought at stores like 8th avenue where its sort of a mixed variety kind of store has really low fabric on my opinion.But what i like bout this shoes is that they have wool pads at the back of the shoes which is good for a $24.90 shoes.Its comfortable and soft when wearing it.
Really nice shoes and hopefully i'll be buying shoes from them soon when their new arrivals are out ^^

Wore this ring that i got a few days ago from D'lady Centre which is an online shop on facebook.
The saleslady is really kind and made no delivery charge when i requested for door-to-door delivery.Really appreciated that she came to my house after her work. :)

Sorry if its crooked,its not.I didn't placed the ring properly on my finger when i took this.
Really love this ring ^^

That's it for my haul.Hope you guys enjoyed it and will talk to you soon ^^
Sooo hoping my package will come in tomorrow :D

Friday, August 19, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Dinner

Hello again ^^
Happy Saturday?Hahahha,decided to post up this because i'm just sooo bored!!
Had a Teacher's Appreciation Dinner last Thursday night for all secondary teachers.
Suppose to be a surprise for the teachers but end up to be not really a surprise i guess..

Went to Juan's house at around 3pm and later on went to ILotus together with Weei Thien.
Here are some pictures that happened on that night.More on my facebook page which will be uploaded as soon as possible :) Enjoy 
For better viewing please enlarge it.

Didn't wear that bow necklace that night because i realised i was wearing all that has bow in it.
All clothes and accessories are from Perth :) Can't recall the shops.

Reached iLotus by 6 - 6.30pm and it was already packed when we got there.

SAS Secondary Teachers.

Ladies first.Hahaha


Performance for the teachers. (Sorry for the blur)

After all the entertainment and the speech,teachers began leaving at 9pm and thats when all doors are shut and its the night for us students to party :)

Definitely won't forget this night :) 
Hope for more in the future.Well thats it for the post.Till next time :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kaizen Sushi :)

Hello lovelies ^^
Another post on food,my favourite food that is,SUSHI :D...
Went to Kaizen Sushi in Bandar and it was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was really really nice.Love it :)

The menu cover.The menu is huge!

This is how the restaurant looks like.It goes all the way to the back and this is just half of the restaurant.

Lots of variety of food to choose from :)

As i was told,Kaizen's ginger is really yummy :)

Cawan Mushi :)

Yaki Soba,i think thats what its called.Very nice :)

Gyoza!!My fave ^^

Its really juicy inside.Slirrppp :D

Agedeshi Tofu (I think thats how you spell it)

Khaki Furai 

Sushi boat :) The pink ones are really delicious :D
Damn i miss this T.T

For dessert,Macha ice cream :) 
Their ice cream is really nice and they give alot compare to excapade.

After dinner we went out to see the view of bandar.Really beautiful :)

I would definitely rate Kaizen a 8 or 9 out of 10.Its because,the service there are quite slow.Its just my opinion but overall its a great restaurant :)
Will for sure come back to eat at this place again :D

Thats all for my food post.Till next time.
Bye xo