Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First family dinner in the new Kitchen :D

GOOSHH!!Woke up at 1pm again today.Shouldn't have watch youtube videos till 4am yesterday T.T...
Anyways,after i woke up,took a shower and went out with my sister :) To buy my form 5 school books at this new bookstore called Samima.It was totally packed when we got there.Saw 2 of my friends too :) 
I was surprise of the booklist cause you only need a few books plus there is a softcover long book for my school too which was great but the paper material was not really good so i got myself another type of long book :D

After Samima i went to get my black hair dye at Winmark.I'm gonna miss my colored hair :(
After that we went to Thai Food to eat.I miss Thai Food.Hadn't eaten there for sooo long right now 

This is what we ate at Thai Food. It was sooo good.Yummm

Later we wanted to go to Konojyo which was a Japan beauty shop infront of the Mall but couldn't find a parking!!!I was so down because i hadn't had a chance to look at the stuff there and it was on Sale again :O hahaha
Took us 1 hr and still no luck for a parking space so we just decided to go to Hua Ho and buy some meat and ingredients for dinner :) Then later on went to Super Save and got some vegetables and went back home around 7+ pm.

Arrived at home and saw my family in the kitchen arranging some furnitures.
 This is a lil bit of how my new kitchen looks like :D

Don't mind the groceries :D Hehee
Time to Prepare!!! 
   My sis cutting some veges...

 Sister's kimchi pork :D Yummy!!
                                                              Her version of the pork :)
My version of the pork.Doesn't it look interesting?LOL
  The rice :o
   Long beans :)
  After waiting for so long ( Till almost 10pm), the food is ready to eat :D

 Thats kinda it on what i have done today.Hehehe
 Going out with my friends tomorrow.CHERRIE's in Brunei :D But she's going back tomorrow.Awww :( 

 Anyways,going to be posting some stuff tomorrow again.TIRED...Nights ^^




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