Friday, December 31, 2010


Its 1.1.11!!A new year,brand new start of something good!!Yeeeee....hahhahaa
Did nothing much today,missed hiking with my mom and sis this morning ><
 Watched DeathBell 2: Bloody Camp just now.It was an okay movie.I watched it because of Park JiYeon from T-ara and this guy who acted in Bread,Love and dreams :) 
 Good movie.

 Thats it i guess..nothing much to say.Still tired *.* 

Steamboat night :)

Hello again :D

 Watched 2010 Song Festival on KBS which was so awesome :) Get to see BEAST!!hahahaha
  I had steamboat for New Years Eve with my family :) xcept for my dad,he's in Msia and can't join us :( 

Bolgugi :) MMmmmm...

The steamboat :D 

 Had wine during dinner :) Bitter & Sweet! Hehehe

 Few more minutes till its NEW YEAR :D Happy New Year in advance ^^ Wishing you all the best for this year :D 

 NIGHT!! xo

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Its finally New Years Eve!! :) 
 2010 flied by so fast.Next week will be like next year already!!

Woke up at 11am then straight away open lappy :) Hehehhee
 Around 2.30pm decided to eat and i cooked eggs and bacon :D Yumm
But its kinda like a breakfast food..hhahahaha...
 Plain but good :D ahahaha
Well thats it for this afternoon :) More tonight because there's gonna be a steamboat New years eve dinner.YAYY!!hahahha
 Byeee ♥.

Going to miss you CHERRIE :D ♥.

Got to go out Mall to meet my friend Cherrie :) She's going back to KK in the afternoon so me and my friends went out for lunch and have a little chit chat before she went off.Gonna miss her!!! yea,we went CheezBox.
They left at around 1pm.Then my friend and i decided to watch Gulliver's Travel and it was sooo AWESOME!!Damn funny all the way.Jack Black who played as Gulliver is so funny is that movie..Hahahaha..and all the little people were so cutee in their cute mini town called Liliputs...Hahahha.

Me and Juan was walking at the Mall when we saw this :D
 Its SPONGEBOB!!and its squished >< Hahahha

 Later after the movie we just walk around for hours nothing to do and i bought some stuff :)
Bought this Revlon Lipstick in Soft Nude The color's really nice. :)

 And this pretty headband ♥.It doesn't really look good here but its really cute when you wear it ^^

Wanted to buy a new cover for my iphone but sadly,i ran out of money :( me and my friend just went window shopping everywhere till we get bored.Hahahaha

3 days ago i went to Times Square with my sisters and went to Etude House and bought a body cream which is similar to a lotion.I bought it in Peach flavor and it smells sooo good just like how a real peach would smell.Its so soft when you put it in your hands :) I love it! ♥.

  Sorry if its slanted the other way.hehehe..but yea,this body cream is a must have for me :)
 Theres also another one that my sis bought which is in a lotion form called Missing You Hand Cream which is similar to that peach body cream but in a smaller pack.

 Doesn't this packaging look cute ^^ Hahahha.This lotion's smell is less stronger than the body cream.

These are the others that my oldest sister bought from Etude House too.
From leftt to right : Green Tea,Rose and the last one,i can't remember what smell is it..Hehehe ><
 Dinner,me and my oldest sis ate at Gripps with her friend and picked my mom up from a place then went back home.Long day today..hahaha.
Tomorrow is NEW YEARS EVE!!! I just realised how 2010 fly by so fast.And now its like going to be 2011,can you imagine?Form 5!!OMG..its going to be a stress year for all form 5's.
Schools going to start in like 3 days?I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK THAT FAST!2months pass so fast!!

 Anyways,hoping to see lots of happenings in the year 2011!! Stopping here for now :)
NIGHTS xo ♥.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First family dinner in the new Kitchen :D

GOOSHH!!Woke up at 1pm again today.Shouldn't have watch youtube videos till 4am yesterday T.T...
Anyways,after i woke up,took a shower and went out with my sister :) To buy my form 5 school books at this new bookstore called Samima.It was totally packed when we got there.Saw 2 of my friends too :) 
I was surprise of the booklist cause you only need a few books plus there is a softcover long book for my school too which was great but the paper material was not really good so i got myself another type of long book :D

After Samima i went to get my black hair dye at Winmark.I'm gonna miss my colored hair :(
After that we went to Thai Food to eat.I miss Thai Food.Hadn't eaten there for sooo long right now 

This is what we ate at Thai Food. It was sooo good.Yummm

Later we wanted to go to Konojyo which was a Japan beauty shop infront of the Mall but couldn't find a parking!!!I was so down because i hadn't had a chance to look at the stuff there and it was on Sale again :O hahaha
Took us 1 hr and still no luck for a parking space so we just decided to go to Hua Ho and buy some meat and ingredients for dinner :) Then later on went to Super Save and got some vegetables and went back home around 7+ pm.

Arrived at home and saw my family in the kitchen arranging some furnitures.
 This is a lil bit of how my new kitchen looks like :D

Don't mind the groceries :D Hehee
Time to Prepare!!! 
   My sis cutting some veges...

 Sister's kimchi pork :D Yummy!!
                                                              Her version of the pork :)
My version of the pork.Doesn't it look interesting?LOL
  The rice :o
   Long beans :)
  After waiting for so long ( Till almost 10pm), the food is ready to eat :D

 Thats kinda it on what i have done today.Hehehe
 Going out with my friends tomorrow.CHERRIE's in Brunei :D But she's going back tomorrow.Awww :( 

 Anyways,going to be posting some stuff tomorrow again.TIRED...Nights ^^




Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes again.I've start blogging again.Its been a year or more now since i blogged and now i'm doing it again :D with a different url that is.In this blog,i'll be writing LOTS and LOTS of stuff about my everyday life :) Plus there will be abit of stuff bout make up cause me LOVE make up and all those beauty products so its kind of like a beauty blog too :) Ohh ohh!There will be food too ^^ so its a mix topic on this blog which i never done before. ( The make up and food) cause i don't really post any pictures on my previous blogs so yea..It would be an adventure for me i guess...hahahaha...

Right now there isnt anything much to say because i didn't go out or do anything interesting today and right now its around 11.30pm.If i happen to go out or do anything tomorrow.I'll post about it :) So i think right now,imma stop blogging for now..
Byee for now :)